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Verdicts & Settlements


At Gavin, Donley & Ostlund, Ltd., Ltd., we are proud of the verdicts and settlements achieved on behalf of our clients. Please see case summaries concerning:

Insurance Company Brought to Heel. The Defendant Insurance Company offered a paltry $999.00 to settle Client truck driver's shoulder injury caused in part by an uninsured motorist. Defendant Insurance later withdrew its offer entirely. A jury verdict was obtained for over $72,000. The Defendant Insurer was compelled to pay their $50,000 policy limit and an additional $5,500 for the truck driver's costs, expert witness fees and other expenses.

Another Insurance Company Brought to Heel. We represented the Defendant who was the owner and operator of a local business. While plowing snow to clear the business parking lot with his pickup truck and plow, the owner inadvertently backed into another pickup truck allegedly injuring the passenger. The owner's insurance company initially refused to defend the owner, stating that he had failed to purchase supplemental insurance coverage for snow plowing. The owner's insurance agent had not noticed the alleged change in coverage and did not sell the $12.00 supplemental coverage to the owner. The Agent was aware the owner did his own snow plowing having serviced the owner for many, many years. We brought a third party action on behalf of the owner against his insurer, while proceeding with the defense of the first party claim. Ultimately the insurer was compelled to pay the first party claim and reimburse the owner for all of his legal fees and costs. The insurer had to reimburse the Defendant for the other driver's property damage initially paid by the Defendant.

78 Year Old Retired Homemaker Obtains Substantial Settlement. A retired homemaker was driving her aunt to a medical appointment when her vehicle was broadsided by the Defendant, who had run a stop sign. The aunt was killed and the homemaker suffered a broken arm. The Defendant's insurance company paid an $85,000 settlement out of $100,000 coverage. The homemaker then recovered an additional $25,000 from her own insurance company under her underinsured motorist coverage. In addition, her vehicle was replaced, at no cost to her, with a newer vehicle with fewer miles.

Truck Driver's Wife Recovers For Husband's Carelessness. The truck driver's wife was a passenger in the semitractor being driven by her husband. The husband drove his semitractor and freight trailer down a narrow road with a small shoulder. The wind pulled the truck off the road and it rolled onto its side, injuring the wife's soft tissues. The wife recovered $51,000.00 settlement from the husband's insurer.

Husband and Wife Both Recover for Injuries. The husband was driving the wife's passenger car back from their son's wrestling tournament. An oncoming pickup lost control on snow covered pavement and collided with wife's vehicle. The husband suffered a broken left femur and ankle injuries. The wife suffered a broken wrist. The Defendant's insurer paid its policy limit of $100,000.00. The husband secured an additional $200,000.00 from the wife's underinsurance coverage. The wife recovered $66,000.00 from the driver's insurer for her broken wrist and $2,000.00 from her own insurer under her underinsured motorist coverage.

Horse Woman Receives Compensation. A 39 year old woman, who trained and boarded horses, was driving her pickup to town when the Defendant driver ran a stop sign, causing the horse woman to T-bone his pickup. Ultimately she needed two back surgeries to correct the injuries sustained in the accident. She received total compensation of $750,000.00. She elected to take part of it in the form of an annuity that will pay her over $1,000 a month for the rest of her life.

Father Recovers For Loss of Single Daughter. The daughter, age 21, was a passenger on a motorcycle when the driver left the road, rolled over in a ditch and the daughter was killed. There was no direct insurance coverage on the motorcycle. The Defendant's mother's homeowner's insurer was compelled to pay compensation. The insurer disputed who was operating the motorcycle alleging that it was the daughter driving, but there was no direct evidence one way or the other. Circumstantial evidence pointed to the Defendant driver, who had suffered a closed head injury and had no recollection. This case was settled for $150,000.00, most of which was awarded to the father who is bedridden from a chronic illness.

Wife Recovers Unusual Compensation. The Deceased husband was stopped on the side of the road because his motorcycle had become disabled. While waiting for help, the Defendant Uninsured Driver struck the husband, killing him on the scene. There was no insurance coverage available. Defendant Driver was prosecuted for negligent homicide. In the course of the criminal proceeding, the Defendant's family posted $50,000 cash bail. The wife made an appropriate claim and the court ultimately awarded the cash bail to wife for the loss of her husband.

Woman Recovers Substantial Compensation in Difficult Stumble and Fall Claim. We represented the 65 year old woman/plaintiff and her husband, who was 66 at the time of the accident. The client was meeting her daughter and son-in-law at a restaurant which she had not previously visited. When she approached the entrance to the restaurant, she caught her toe on a raised portion of concrete near the entrance door. As a result, she stumbled forward and struck a parked vehicle, fracturing her shoulder and wrist. The Defendant alleged that the Plaintiff's failure to keep a proper lookout was the sole cause of the accident. Despite the important issue of comparative negligence, the Plaintiff was able to recover $70,000.00 over and above her substantial health insurance benefits.

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